Shaanxi Province in 2015 on student loans for things

has just ushered in the pleasant summer vacation, but small series found many areas of Shaanxi students in consultation with the editor on matters related to student loans. This small series to introduce Shaanxi Province in 2015 to all those student loans.

Shaanxi 2015 according to student loan policy: If a student tuition and accommodation fees total less than 8000 Yuan, the loan amount determined according to the sum of tuition and accommodation fees if student tuition and accommodation fee total more than 8000 Yuan, the loan amount is 8000; graduate loan amount up to 12000 Yuan.

However, graduate students when applying for loans must be accepted before September 1 that year, admission to student financial assistance Management Center for change of domicile, if not during the undergraduate student loans, graduate student cannot apply.

in addition, in accordance with the relevant provisions of loan during their learning in school, there's no need to pay interest on loans, but will bear interest on loans after graduation, so students applying for student loan payments in full and on time and don't forget.