Married for lack of funds can apply for a loan for which product?

as prices continue to rise, once married to now also needs a great deal of overhead, so there was a lot of "marriage". In fact, if married for lack of funds can apply for loan products. Small series to introduce today.

a, ping an Bank new loan

according to small series of understanding, compared with other loan products, ping an Bank new loan has the following advantages:

no guarantees: no mortgage, no guarantee, loans your credit is the best pass;

loans: informative, fast 1 day loan, more unique remote processing mode, you just need the door 1 to obtain unsecured loans;

loan length: free to choose 12 month, 24 month, 36-month loan period, the length of up to 3 years;

loans wide use: cars, renovations, travel, education, wedding, medical, and more use of unsecured loans;

loanable amount: the maximum loan 500,000, high loanable amount to meet your many needs.

the second loan, using Xinyi people

pleasant credit wedding loans are provided by the company specifically for married borrowers a credit, loan funds are available as a wedding tour, decorating, beauty, wedding photos and other purposes. However, trying to get the loan, the borrower must meet the following criteria:

1, between the ages of 22-55, with full capacity for civil conduct;

2, a monthly income of more than 4,000 yuan;

3, have a stable job, and their units which have to work for three months and above.

in addition, when applying for a loan and the spouse must also be provided for valid identity documents, marriage certificates, Bank of nearly three months of production, account and other information.