Analysis of Henan students loan policy

as China's most populous province, annual output of university graduates of college entrance examination in Henan province are many, so the number of people applying for student loans and more. However, many students for student financial aid loan in Henan province's policies aren't very well understood, this small series to introduce.

one, lending objects

born in Henan province for all eligible families with financial difficulties of college freshmen and students are eligible to apply for.

Second, the loan amount

according to the current national policies and regulations, full-time undergraduate students (including bachelor degrees, students) to apply for a loan amount not exceeding 8000 Yuan per person per year, full-time graduate student loan amount does not exceed 12000 Yuan per person per year.

three, duration of loans

in accordance with the regulations, student credit student loan period determined according to the full-time undergraduate schooling plus 10, maximum of 14 years, in which the students determined by the remaining school years plus 10. Schooling for more than 4 years, or continue to pursue a graduate degree, a second Bachelor's degree, shortening the repayment period after graduation.

four, loan interest

student credit student loan interest rate announced by the people's Bank of China over the comparable benchmark interest rates. December 21, based on the latest baseline interest rate adjustment lending rates once a year. Borrowing students ' interest in school by the full financial interest, principal and interest on the loan after graduation shared jointly by the student and the borrower.

five repayment

student during school and grace period of two years after graduation, grace period the borrower to repay the loan interest. After the grace period, in annual instalments of the borrower to repay the loan principal and interest.

six, applications for

student credit student loan dealt with from July 12 to September 20. Loans college students is to domicile in the County (city, district) student finance assistance Center for student credit student loans.