Note to repay student loans after graduation!

with the arrival of June July, there will be a number of University students will be out of school, into the community started his career. However, for students in the College to apply for a student loan for a friend need attention now. Because after graduating from upcoming debt obligations, repayment on time has become very important.

according to small series of understanding, in accordance with policies and regulations, access to student loans for students, normal at the school do not have to pay interest for the period from fiscal interest, but will bear interest on loans after graduation. However, early repayment, loan students a two-year grace period, during the grace period can only repay the interest, but from the third year on equivalent will be required to repay the principal and interest. So, if students do not pay attention to timely repayment of borrowing will have what consequences?

first, the penalty

in accordance with the relevant provisions, is not in accordance with the loan contract payments on time, according to the actual amount, overdue days overdue charge penalty interest and penalty interest rate for normal borrowing rate of 130%.

Second, bank credit operations will be blocked

If the borrowing students ' late repayment, this record will be included in the Bank personal credit system, so if in the future apply for credit cards, mortgages, car loans and other credit business are likely to be rejected.

third, employment or blocked

by some malicious outstanding students, their personal information will be included in the system of graduate education info, this will affect the borrowing students ' employment and on social recruiting.

four, bear the legal responsibility for

borrowing if students default, in serious state will take legal means to recover debts, this will bring unnecessary trouble.

in order to guarantee repayment in full and on time, in addition to relying on outside conscious borrowing students would also like to note the following points to avoid bank debit unsuccessful bad credit history:

1, graduate loans when the bank card or passbook is activated, ensure that the account is working.

2, the best save dozens of money as banks may buckle account management fees.

3, bear in mind that PayPal account numbers, passwords, and to safeguard the smooth repayment.